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Jake Paul Talked Shit To Aaron Carter About His Boxing Match With Lamar Odom So Aaron Carter Reminded Him That He Has A Gun

Source - Aaron Carter has slammed Jake Paul for saying that Lamar Odom is 'fg up boxing' by fighting him. The rapper, 33, took to Instagram and shared a video of Jake, 24, discussing 'celebrity boxing' and the upcoming fight between Aaron and Lamar, 41, on June 12. 

Speaking to I AM ATHLETE, Jake said: 'F that. That's weak s. That's fing up boxing. He's fighting this little fer, let's not even talk about that.'

Aaron was then asked by another Instagram user why has he been jumped multiple times by drug dealers and said he has a 'strap' (gun) with him at all times.He responded: 'Tryna rob me coming in with stacks why y'all think I got strap with  me at all times huh? 'I have a concealed weapons permit in LA county and I don't need to answer none of y'alls unsolicited nonsense'.  

The Video:

Hilarious. Absolutely hilarious. Jake talks shit about Aaron, Aaron casually brings up that fact that he has a gun in the comments. That's a level of white trash you simply cannot make up. You can take the boy out of the trailer, but you can't take the trailer out of the boy. I just hope that Jake knows that he's barking up the wrong tree because make no mistake about it, that was a threat. Aaron wants him to know that not only is he regularly beat up by drug dealers, but he has a gun on him while it happens. What a flex. 

For those of you who don't know, Aaron Carter is fighting the 6'10" Lamar Odom on a yet to be determined date sometime in the near future…

Celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman is putting on the event and told TMZ Sports: 'A lot of people got in touch, it's going to be a show. 

'Both fighters, Aaron has boxing experience, Lamar is an athlete and it just has the potential to be one of the biggest celebrity fights of all time. 'It's gonna be a war, man. It's gonna be a knockout, no doubt.'

It'll be good publicity and he'll get paid a shit ton of money, but he's going to get hurt. Bad. He also just put out a video of him taking a drug test live on camera so apparently he's actually going through with it…

Yikes. Good luck, Aaron! You're going to need it…