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ALERT: Thibs Is 'Smiling More Than Ever' Because The Knicks Are Officially A Fun As Fuck Team And Potentially .... Good

Where were you when the Knicks officially reached being a fun as fuck team and even potentially a good team? Because that's where the Knicks are right now. They are in the middle of a 3-game winning streak, Julius Randle is dropping 44 on the Hawks and RJ Barrett is hitting corner 3s. Not just any corner 3s - corners 3s where we get a Mike Breen bang. 

Never thought I'd see that day. Listen, we're making Thibs smile. Thibs!

Giphy Images.

More importantly we have to talk about Julius Randle. The dude is an All-Star and that's not even exaggerating what he did last night to the Hawks. Let me defer to some Tommy Stats here real quick: 

Good God look at those numbers again. Imagine thinking the Knicks didn't win the trade with the Mavs now, which freed up the cap space to land Randle. Also throw in a couple more draft picks and now Derrick Rose via Dennis Smith Jr? What a steal. What a goddamn steal. 

Do I care that the Knicks are 14-15? No. That's not the point here. They are still 6th in the Eastern Conference and a .5 game out of HOSTING a first round playoff series. There was almost a zero chance I thought I'd see this or be excited about Knicks basketball this early. But they are finally doing it right. They have a core, they drafted smart and surrounded them with vets who know their roles. Derrick Rose came in, immediately started bonding with Quickley and Obi and it's showing on the court when he plays with IQ. 

I don't know how long this will last, but we're here. We're watching a fun as fuck team who might even make the playoffs. We're watching a team develop rookies and make smart moves. I don't know what to do, but hit the fucking music: