Jonathan Quick Basically Admitted That Patrick Kane And Jonathan Toews Own His Brain


Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 11.29.26 AM





Jesus Christ Jon, this almost makes me feel bad for you. Poor guy is just lying up at night in the offseason obsessing over the Blackhawks. PTSD flashbacks of Kane going back door on him. Paranoid everywhere he goes that Toews will sneak in behind him and go 5 hole. I hate the Kings, the Hawks were an overtime puck bounce away from going 4 in 6 because of the Kings, but this actually makes me feel sympathetic for Jonathan Quick. Kane and Toews living in his brain 24/7/365. Surprised the guy hasn’t completely gone off the deep end at this point, must be why the Kings skipped the playoffs this year for blow and molly at Wet Republic in Vegas, have to cope someway I guess.


h/t matt