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What Kind Of Present Do I Get For My Neighbor Who Always Snow Blows The Entire Block Every Time It Snows?

I took that picture this morning after witnessing yet another high class neighborly gesture from a guy on my street. We crossed paths and I told him "You're doing The Lord's work. Thank you."  He responded with a blunt and sincere "just one block though" as if to minimize his efforts. Amazing stuff from an amazing neighbor. 

When it's all said and done, our sidewalk will have a triple-wide blown path to accommodate two adults. No one asked for it. No one made him do it. Just a middle aged man with a properly functioning snow blower and the desire to provide safe passage in his community. The world would be a lot better place if we had more people like this guy and I fucking mean that. Whatever his name is. He gets a proverbial beef. 

In a literal sense though I need to get him a present and idk what to get. Earlier today I would've just done a case of beer but then I read a study that said 70% of Americans drink less than 2 drinks in an entire 7-day week. Playing the percentages that may not be a good move but same time I'm definitely throwing in a case of Miller Lite regardless of your data. To me and a lot of good business people that's just means 70% more market share up for grabs. 

"Create the demand then supply it" - someone from the Wire, probably 

Buying a gift for my dad is up there with one of the hardest things I ever have to do and that's for my dad. This is just some stranger down the street who didn't raise me as a son. In a purely transparent and transactional world I'd send a decent hooker to his door in the spring time for an old fashioned Hinkley-Schmidt but we don't live there. We never will. 

I have to be realistic yet sincere. Giving him some cash feels cheap but a gift card starts to feel more appropriate. Maybe one from the local butcher shop or bakery or both. I don't want to overwhelm him but he's been blowing our block for what seems like every other day since Christmas. You can do a lot of things in life and never encounter a neighbor of this magnitude. Given my ego I can't sit back idly. I need to get him something. 

As of Monday afternoon that something will be 24 great tasting less fillings and an undisclosed amount of money for locally sourced meat and baked goods. Should someone have a better idea, please use the monitored comment section below. I always enjoy your feedback and in this case I actually need it. 

Thank you.