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MGK Wears Megan Fox's Blood In A Necklace, Obviously



Obviously. The big shock here is not that MGK wear's Megan Fox's blood in a necklace, it's that it took him so long to start doing it. I mean just a few months ago he was showing up for award shows looking practically naked, sans a drop of blood around his neck like an absolute fool:


Emma McIntyre /AMA2020. Getty Images.


But thankfully he wised up and fixed that mistake ASAP.

Now comes the tricky part- what it means for the rest of us. Are we all supposed to start wearing blood around our necks once we start dating a girl for 3 months? Are they going to require it? Are we going to be walking into the kitchen for some snacks and hear one of those "babe…uhhhhhh…baaaabeeeee….how come you don't wear my blood around your neck?". I don't know, BABE, because I don't have the emotional capacity to actually care about another human being so I fake it the best I can but at the end of the day we both know this isn't going to work out so just make the most of it while you can, BABE.

So hey, thank a LOT, Mr. Gun Kelly, for more impossible standards that we have to attempt to reach now. It used to be chocolates on Valentine's Day, now it's blood. It never gets easier in these streets.