Fellas...SCIENCE Says You Have Exactly Three Minutes To Make A Girl Like You Before She Decides You're Disgusting


In the study, the team recruited 372 volunteers for the speed dating sessions, which were held around Montreal in 2017 and 2018, before the current global pandemic.

Before each event, each participant was asked to complete a questionnaire designed to evaluate both their personality and sense of well-being, with the results validated against a similar assessment of them made by a friend or family member.

Following each three-minute speed date, the participants rated their partner's personality — with the researchers finding that, on average, most people were able to accurately take stock of their date's character.

However, some people proved easier to make out than others.

Read the full article for the details of the study(if that's important to you, I just read the headline and skimmed), but you the facts are that you have 3 minutes before a woman writes you off forever. That's all they need. 180 seconds and a woman will know if she will ever sleep with you. Think about that. Think of how many first dates you've been on, especially if they are from an app where you haven't met in person yet. You get there, it's a little awkward at first because of course it is. You feel a little nerves/pressure as you sit down and that was before you knew that the shot clock was already ticking down. There's a solid chance that you've been written off before the waiter even comes to your table. You sit there for an hour or asking questions, trying to tell a couple jokes, doing things like pretending to be interested her job, and ordering menu items that you barely know how to pronounce. You do all of that, you think it's going well, you're excited, you're planning your next move and meanwhile she decided that she was repulsed by you 48 minutes earlier. That's reality of dating, according to science. 

On our side of the table...we decided in 3 seconds. It's binary. A hot-or-not visual for whether or not you want to bang. If the girl is hot basically she'd have to be a murderer for the guy to lose interest and even then maybe you convince yourself you can escape before she murders you. 

I am not sure which is worse, the 3 seconds or the 3 minutes, but as a species we should enact a social standard that makes dating like the old show "Next" on MTV. Ladies, if your date says something stupid or looks disgusting and you want to end the date then you should get to smash a button that ends the date with no hard feelings. You're out and nobody wasted their time or energy trying go through the motions of something that won't work. If I am on a date and the girl finds me disgusting just tell me. I would LOVE that. I already think that so I would understand if the girl across the table thought the same thing. Don't drag it out and then make me think I have a chance. Stop me mid-boring sentence about my job which explains writing blogs like this and put two in my head so we can go our separate ways. Telling me that I am disgusting a few minutes into the date is a kindness. 

Between that 3 minute stat and this one it's a miracle anyone can celebrate valentine's day

With all of that staring us in the face nobody should complain about V-Day. Circumstances, biology, and your face/personality are MAJOR hurdles in the way of finding a meaningful relationship. It's like they put Valentine's Day the week after football season ends for good to remind you that you do have a girlfriend and that is no small feat. If you want more information about Valentine's, Eddie and I broke it down on Dogwalk this week