Jets Website Flys A Plane That Says “Cheaters Look Up” Over Gillette



I said yesterday I love this shit. I stand by it. I LOVE THIS SHIT. These Jets fans are doing me a favor. I have an erection bursting out of my pants right now. The more planes flying over Gillette the harder I get. The more fan websites that dedicate their lives to hating us the better. Because as long as every single fan of every team in the NFL only cares about us that means we’re still King. We’re still the Roman Empire. We’re still stacking Lombardi Trophies on top of Lombardi Trophies. Seriously without the Patriots I’m not even sure the NFL exists anymore. It becomes the Arena League without us. We win the most, we’re in the headlines the most, we have the most famous players, coaches, bloggers etc. We’re the center of the football universe. There is nothing better in life than being the bad guy that nobody can stop. We stuff your team in lockers and take your lunch money, spit in your eye and their ain’t shit you can do about it. So fly your planes over our parades all you want. I relish being the villain.


Cue the Music!