Jim Florentine Was Kicked off HBO For Impersonating Ricky Williams and Knocking on Dan Marino's Door, But Won An Emmy For It


From The Twisted History of Comedians with Large & Jim Florentine:

Jim Florentine: Inside The NFL was vanilla, so the producer who hired me goes: "we really want you to push push the limits."

I'm like ...all right.

He goes: "seriously, that's why we hired you ..."

But I got fired after the first year because, well ...the one that did me in is Ricky Williams, you remember that story? Remember he quit to go smoke pot with Lenny Kravitz?

I did a whole bit on it, dressed up like Ricky Williams and went down to Miami, knocked on Dan Marino's door, and tried to get back on the team with a bong in my hand.

Basically, I was smoking pot on Inside The NFL, and the producers, the heads of HBO Sports ...went crazy.

I wound up winning an Emmy for the bit, yea I actually won an Emmy for it that year.

But after that, they were like "we've had enough of this guy." They were going to send me to the Super Bowl (to do stuff) but they go: "no this is too edgy." They were like: "Kids watch this show!"


We talk big name comedians like Patrice O' Neal (who was a friend of Jim's) and died way too young in 2011. His comedy special Patrice O'Neal: Elephant in the Room is LEGENDARY:

Large always wanted to try stand-up comedy, but it sounds TERRIFYING:

In the beginning of the show, Large brings you up to speed on the history of comedy. The formal beginning is firmly dated to the Dionysia of 486 B.C.E. for what preceded it there were at least three ancient candidates: phallic processions, Doric comedy and Susarion. 

(Sources: The American Journal of Philology, Vol. 15, No. 1, 1894The Dramatic Satura and the Old Comedy at Rome, by George L. Hendrickson.

What the fuck does that mean? Let’s break it down …


That's right, Large is doing daily Twisted History Facts on Tik Tok