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Wake Up With The Most Famous Speech In Reality Television History

You probably don't even know about Sue Hawk which is why we have stuff like this blog in the first place. I'm a pathological educator and I want you guys to learn about this moment. We're talking about one of the original pioneers of the Survivor alliance at a time a lot of people thought a voting alliance was considered Cheating. Not to Richard, Kelly, Sue and Rudy though. They rode the 4-man team all the way to final tribal council where Sue dropped this absolute bomb to SIXTY MILLION LIVE VIEWERS. 

I know technology is better and life is faster and more convenient but you really have to respect the pre-social media period of life where 60 fucking million are on the same schedule from newspaper articles and word-of-mouth. That's such an amazing part of human history for all of us to be on the same page about something like a reality television show. Truly and sincerely a show that left people wanting MORE MORE MORE. And that's what ultimately gives birth to alternative media like Barstool and just blogging in general. There's someone at home watching something that thinks they can do a better job talking about it than the people who get paid to talk about it. I'm not giving credit to Survivor for that but reality TV played a critical role in the advent of alt media so of course this is close to my heart. 

Way more importantly though we draft reality television stuff today with Ria. No Spoilers but Sue Hawk's speech might not make the draft board so it gets a blog. 

Or maybe it does get drafted? 

You'll have to tune in at noon central to find out.