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Throwing Yourself An Alley Oop Off The Backboard While Down 2 In The Second Half Is The Cockiest Move Of The Season

'Great fastbreak! Exactly how I drew it up!' - Purdue Ft. Wayne's coach, probably after this 3 on 1 turned into the cockiest move of the season. Just the exact definition of power moves only on the basketball court. Down 2 in the second half? Who gives a shit, you gotta pull out all the stops and take over Twitter for a day. What's really getting lost here is how ridiculous the pass is here. You gotta put that shit perfectly against the glass and he did it from an angle. That's the most impressive thing about this whole play - not the fact he can dunk. I always say dunks now need to do something different to really get me out of my seat. This did it but the more I rewatch it, the more it's the pass. That and trying to figure out what 24 is doing here defensively. You're in perfect position! He just ran out of the way once the ball hit the glass. Hilarious to see this still shot and realize that neither of the other Ft. Wayne guys even touched the ball here. 

'Fuck it I'll do it myself.' 

As for the game? Yep, Ft. Wayne lost by two. Can't blame Demetric Horton though. The dude came off the bench and had 7 points. None more electric than these two. 

PS: Mastodons is a top-5 nickname in college basketball. I'd go:

5. Presbyterian Blue Hose

4. Ft. Wayne Mastodons 

3. Wake Forest Demon Deacons

2. Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils

1. UC Irvine Anteaters