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Wander Franco May Be The #1 MLB Prospect In 2021 But He Also Has The Worst Tattoo In Baseball

If you're a baseball fan and don't know the name "Wander Franco", get ready for him to be a household name. The #1 prospect in baseball will likely make his debut for the Rays this season and he is going to be a MONSTER. Switch hitter, great bat speed, great eye, really good fielder, and the power at the plate will come. You know what else he has? The worst tattoo in baseball. It used to be Javy Baez on the top of the mountain with his slightly deformed MLB logo on the base of his neck...

But Wander having the logo right there on the side of his neck takes the cake. Move over Javy, you're tattoo is only second worst in baseball now. The logo itself is fine, it's a good logo. You want it on your body because you have achieved your lifelong dream and worked so hard to get to the pinnacle of your sport, I get that. But on the side of your neck? At least Javy can cover his up a bit, Wander's is out there for the world to see. Can't really cover that bad boy up either. It's going to be distracting looking at that when he's hitting .330 for the Rays in the World Series in like 2 years, but then you know they'll probably trade him. At least he won't have the worst tattoos in Florida, every other person down there has one worse than him. Still love him as a player and can't wait to watch him rake in the bigs, but man is that bad.