Bruce Buffer Is Celebrating 25 Years In The Octagon Tonight With A SPECTACULAR Blazer

First of all - shoutout to Bruce Buffer for injecting pure HYPE and ADRENALINE into our veins before watching our favorite fighters compete for 25 straight years now. I shouldn't even say "our", really, because I've only been alive 22 of those years - but I digress. There's just nobody who does it better than Bruce Buffer in my opinion - not even Michael Buffer. 

When those lights dim, spotlights hit the octagon, and I hear a good "IIIIIIIIIIT'S - TIME!" from the Buff man, I'm ready to run through as many walls as you wanna put in front of me.

Since tonight marks that massive 25th anniversary, Bruce decided to go all-out (even MORE all-out than he normally goes) and get this insane blazer made, which features a comic strip version of his career on the inside lining….

He's also got the matching pocket rounds (like pocket squares but round) that he'll be wearing with the suit tonight for sale, and he's donating 25% of the proceeds go to the Cancer Research Institute, so good on ya, Bruce! Gotta love a charitable man.

I only met Bruce Buffer once personally - at the UFC Apex this Summer - and we had an interaction straight out of a "Mean" Joe Greene Coke commercial. 

We had filmed his warm-up routine a little and tweeted it earlier in the evening, so after the main event he came over to say hi and said that the video we had taken was hilarious….

After we said goodbye, as we were walking away, Bruce called out "Robbie!"

"Yeah?", I replied. Buffer then just looked me dead in the eyes and said, "Have fun with it."

I don't really know what he meant by that, and I'm not gonna act like I did, but it was definitely a legendary thing to hear in that moment.

Congrats on 25 years, Buff!