Without Telling Us, My Youngest Son Applied For A Spot On Family Feud!

Thursday night my son Dylan FaceTimed my wife and me to let us know we have an audition for Family Feud. Apparently, after a few beers, he sent in an application and got us invited to audition via Zoom. That was the first we had heard about it...

Dylan and I are the sports fanatics in the family and we've watched hours of football, baseball, basketball, and MMA together, a lot of times with his friends.

Once he got an iPhone he became an unofficial member of the local paparazzi. Everywhere I went he followed me with his phone, constantly filming me. And, he thoroughly enjoyed catching my "plumber's crack" when it was on full display, which is more often than I'd like to admit, and then he'd send the pics to his friends. At one point I threatened to take his phone and break it if he didn't stop. He didn't listen and as a result, he paid the ultimate price... His phone got tossed and he got grounded.

While in college he met his current girlfriend Lexi, who is a professional video editor and producer, and together they became a team. Soon after, they started producing short videos with me in the starring role, at times against my will. First, it was the birthday candle swipe, and after it went viral, I gave them full creative license to do whatever they wanted.

Next up was "My Dad the Facebook Addict". Together, Lexi and Dylan produced what ended up being a viral video and the reason Dave hired me at Barstool.

Introducing the LeVine team:

My oldest son Michael is a Scientist and according to him, he has never lost an argument.

My middle son Nick is a Behavioral Specialist who had a successful kidney transplant during the pandemic. 

Besides having a full-time job as a Social Media Manager, Dylan has been my stuntman and an important part of my meme team.

My wife is an Educator who has been able to deal with me for 43 years and has been known to "Shush" people into total silence, which is just as effective as "memeing people to death", my expertise. 

Together, the five of us make up a dream team built for Family Feud!

What will my family do if we get the nod? Survey Says... "Kick some ass and take no prisoners!".

Here's the video...