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The NFL Edited The Wells Report Before The "Independent Results" Were Released....Ho Hum




Well that’s a shock huh? Roger Goodell edited the Wells Report. You know the totally independent investigation into Deflategate that Roger Goodell ordered. Yup he edited it. Made sure it said exactly what he wanted it to say. That makes sense. It also explains why Goodell disregarded all the independent scientific reports that said the balls deflated naturally because of atmospheric conditions. Those don’t count because he didn’t get to edit the results first. Duh. The Exponent report was the only one that he put stock in because that was the one he paid for and got final sign off on. Makes sense to me. But no this wasn’t a witch hunt. This wasn’t a sting. Tom Brady should have cooperated every step of the way. He should have handed over his phone and trusted that this would be a fair and unbiased investigation. Just like the league did with Bountygate and Ray Rice? Why would anybody think Roger Goodell would lie, cheat and steal? Who him? Noooo.

I keep asking people the following question and can’t seem to get a straight answer. Why do pundits take everything Roger Goodell and the league says as the truth and then say everything Tom Brady says is a lie? How did this happen? Shouldn’t Brady be the one who gets the benefit of the doubt? I mean Goodell has a long and storied history of being corrupt and evasive, but when he’s dealing with the Patriots he’s suddenly Ghandi. Give me a break. Again if this wasn’t the Patriots this is a non issue. It’s just vindictive losers and people who hate Belichick trying to exact revenge because they can’t beat us on the field.