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The Kardashian-Jenner Valentines Day Shoot Is Here To Make You Feel Better About You Being Alone This Year (Yet Again)

Alright, I didn't mean to attack you in the headline like that. If it makes you feel better, I'll be alone too. My birthday is on Valentine's Day, so I have that advantage as it's a bit of a distraction? Whatever, you didn't come here to read about my feelings on my birthday being on Valentine's Day. You came here to see some SMOKING HOT pics. I got you, don't worry. Here come the INSTAGRAMs:

I've been hearing a lot about Sydney Sweeney being the hottest woman in the world right now. Don't get me wrong, she is right there, but it's Kendall Jenner until further notice. That's the bottom line. I will SIMP for Kendall Jenner until the end of time.

Kylie, of course, was involved with the shoot too:


So was the GOAT that started the whole thing, Kim:

I know I'm going to sound a lot like a SIMP, but this family does not get enough respect. They really have birthed the generation of the smoking hot celebrity that doesn't do much. Without the Kardashian's, do we ever have TikTok stars? The Kardashian's became famous for being hot and then parlayed it into becoming a billion-dollar family that runs Hollywood. They are the modern-day mafia. Nothing but respect.