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Mel Kiper Said That Daniel Jones Is Better Than Every Quarterback In This Year's Draft Other Than Trevor Lawrence

Full podcast for anyone who wants to hear it (Daniel Jones talk starts around the 27 minute mark):


DANIEL JONES HYPE GROUP STAND THE FUCK UP!!! I've always known Mel Kiper Jr. was the smartest of all the mock drafters slanging their big boards around the internet. Him eating a slice of pumpkin pie every morning is not weird at all. In fact, all of us are the weird ones for choosing to eat boring things like eggs and toast to get our day started instead some delicious dessert that we save until the end of the day like morons. When you think about it, what is there not to love about Daniel Jones? He's so accurate his nickname is Dimes, somehow has breakaway speed despite looking like a younger version of Eli, got his turnover issue under control outside of when he would throw to Evan Engram who would then give the ball to the defense, and even Danny's deep ball has become money.

Mel Kiper is just calling things as he sees them on tape instead of repeating the same lazy rhetoric as the meme accounts, fans of the Giants rivals, and Giants fans who are somehow still crying their team didn't draft Dwayne Haskins instead. 

There will of course be people who point out any time Mel may have missed on a draft ranking since he was ready to risk it all for Jimmy Clausen. 

But I don't see these people Old Takes Exposing this.


Where did YOU have Josh Allen on your big board? Unless you are Mel Kiper, Big Cat, or PFT, you sure as shit didn't have him numero uno. Mel Kiper is out here spitting out facts with better hair than you or I and doesn't give a shit what any of us think about it. And we all know people with great hair are right more than people with bad hair or no hair. It's just science.

So best of luck to all the fans hoping Zach Wilson, Justin Fields, or whatever other QBs in this draft goes to their team. But they are all below Daniel Jones in the eyes of a man whose entire brand is about the NFL Draft. Open invite to the Daniel Jones Hype Group if you want it, Mel (After you apologize for having Haskins and Drew Lock over our sweet little lamb on your 2019 Big Board).

Also just for the record, Daniel Jones has as many Heismans as Trevor Lawrence with one of them playing at an ACC school with a bunch of future accountants while the other played at an ACC school with a bunch of future NFL superstars.

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