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The Houston Texas Straight Up Released JJ Watt

I still don't think that tweet is real. No many how many times I read it, my brain refuses to acknowledge it as fact. Yes, JJ Watt is older. Yes, the Houston Texans have proven to be inept time after time. And still my brain believes that's a fake tweet. I've clicked the profile. I double-checked Schefter - who, as of writing this, still hasn't confirmed, I'm assuming he can't believe it, either. But JJ Watt is a free agent. He'll be 32 in March, he's suffered a thousands major injures, and he's coming off a season as PFF's seventh best edge defender in football. He was still able to tip seven balls at the line of scrimmage, which is in lock step with the prime of his career. His sack totals and tackles for loss are way down from his prime, but his prime was one of the most dominant the NFL has ever seen. Which is all a long winded way of saying he's still good at sports even if he isn't the force he once was. 

*Since writing, JJ has released a video saying he asked for his release and the Texans granted it*

Jack Easterby must really stink if the face of the franchise decided to dust his hands and remove himself from this dumpster fire. Deshaun Watson is already extremely on the record for wanting to get the fuck outta there and now JJ is in the first lifeboat paddling harder than anyone has ever paddled. From a national perspective this past decade, JJ Watt was Houston sports. Not James Harden, not any of the Astros. When Hurricane Harvey hit, he stepped up and helped raise $41.6 million for his city. The Texans were as irrelevant a franchise could be until he showed up. They had never made the playoffs before he was drafted. 101 sacks later and he's OUTTA there on the next thing smokin'. Probably to go play with his brother in Pittsburgh if one had to guess. I don't know when the Texans recover from this offseason. 2030? Do they have to move like the Oilers and have another expansion team come in? Losing Watt and Watson in the same offseason because your front office is despised by everyone with a pulse feels like an easy fix, but if it was so easy you'd think they would have already done it.