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Bauer, Bob Nightengale, Battlestar Gallactica

We were hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray, run amok, and flat out deceived by a YouTuber with a rocket arm. Or someone in Trevor Bauer's team royally fucked up on some real deal #BarstoolDifference shit. Nonetheless, we dove into the Bauer fiasco and the fallout that followed after Bob Nightengale's 9 millionth wrong scoop of his life. Do we actually care that we missed out on a pitcher with a career ERA of almost four? Not really. In fact, it'll probably play out better for the Mets in the long run. With a team full of contracts coming due, paying a guy $40 million a year just doesn't seem like good business. That money could go towards much better options in the form of Lindor, Conforto and a Thor/deGrom extension. Yes, we said deGrom. Keep your eyes on that review people, because his 2022 opt out is coming up quick and if anyone deserves the money it's deGoat.

We also take a look at MLB Network's top 100 rankings and that muckraking hooligan KFC asks the very important question: who would you rather Pete or Dom? We are not going to discuss that right now, but right after recording we got word of some possible Kris Bryant/Matt Chapman conversations taking place so be on the lookout for a possible blockbuster and an emergency pod later today! SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE

P.S. The audio gets MUCH better about 20 minutes into the pod. We've got some growing pains on Clubhouse so bare with us and JOIN THE ROOM FOR NEXT EPISODE AND ASK US YOUR QUESTIONS LIVE (If you need an invite to Clubhouse, DM me at @TheClemReport).