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Friendly Reminder That Sabres' Evander Kane Is Dating Smokestack Model Mara Teigen

Instagram model/I guess regular model Mara Teigen threw this picture up on Instagram today and it completely turned my brain into a nice big bowl of applesauce. I can’t think straight. I can’t stand straight. My knees are wobbly, my hands are sweaty, my heart is palpitating, the works. Anyway, Mara Teigen dates Evander Kane of the Buffalo Sabres proving once again that hockey players get the hottest chicks. If you follow either of them on Instagram, you know they’ve been having just sooooo much fun together this summer and you’ve been hating yourself that you’re not ridiculously good at hockey to land a chick like that. But just in case some of you weren’t aware of these two, I figured you could get acquainted now. Happy WCW.



And a nice post-fuck selfie for the kids at home.


By the way, very few people have made out as well as Evander Kane has lately. He got hooked up in getting traded to Buffalo. Bringing in Eichel and Bylsma are going to do wonders for that team and they’re gonna be real fun to watch over the next few years. Tons of young talent to work with and a new mentality in the locker room. Worst case scenario, they still suck but Evander Kane still gets to go home to Mara Teigen every night. Lucky bastard.