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Jeremy Guthrie Fake-Apologized For His "These O's Ain't Royal" Shirt, and Then Pretty Much Un-Apologized

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CBS - Following his team’s win over the Orioles in Game 3 of the ALCS on Tuesday (KC 2, BAL 1), Royals right-hander Jeremy Guthrie conducted his post-game interview wearing a t-shirt that said “These O’s Ain’t Royal,” a pun on singer Chris Brown’s song “Loyal.” Needless to say, some Orioles fans were not pleased with the shirt, especially after Guthrie spent the 2007-11 seasons as a fan favorite with the O’s. Guthrie has since apologized to the fans:

A second tweet, which has since been deleted, read “My positive feelings for the Charm City, O’s organization, my former teammates and O’s fans is well documented. Nothing I wore changes that,” according to Eduardo Encina of the Baltimore Sun. The shirt was a bold move on Guthrie’s part, but no doubt a shirt that was going to upset some people. It’s all in good fun but the apology was necessary.


Oh come onnnnnnn. It’s a hilarious shirt. Baltimore fans were losing their minds last night:


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Of course he fake apologized for wearing the shirt. He shouldn’t have to though. The O’s let him walk. He’s the competition now. When did everyone get so soft that you can’t even trash talk anymore? That’s what’s amazing here. He’s on the other team. He just whooped that ass. Let him gloat. It’s baseball, it’s about time someone had some personality and wasn’t scared to ruffle some feathers. I understand O’s fans being butt-hurt about it. They just dropped the 3rd straight to Kansas City and Jeremy fuckin Guthrie strutted up there like he’s Vince McMahon and delivered a steel chair to the face of the entire fan base. But apologizing? It’s like when the DBacks were pissed the Dodgers celebrated in their pool after clinching. If you don’t want them to celebrate in your pool, don’t lose the game.


Late breaking news, he’s now un-apologizing:

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 1.24.54 PM

He’s not sorry at all. Awesome. He could have just apologized and moved on, but it was eating him up inside so he was like fuck it, I’m sorry you were offended, I didn’t do anything wrong. That’s the way it should be. Good for him.