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The Barstool Fund - Santa Clarita Tattoo

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Established in 1994, Santa Clarita Tattoo has been Voted Best Tattoo Studio, Best Tattoo Artists and Best Body Piercer consistently. If you are looking for top-notch work from world class tattooers and an above-the-standard shop, this is the place to go.



Reader Email

Karen Mitchell is an American success story, she was a homeless teenager who had a child and apprenticed under colonel Todd in the 80s knowing Saugus was a good place to raise her daughter she came back here with her infant daughter in 1994 and single handedly built even physically. Santa Clarita tattoo doing very well until the pandemic took everything away she has been closed 10 out of 12 months now had this happened 20 years ago it may not have been so bad but in her 26 th year as a business owner Karen should have been focusing on retirement but now she is holding on by fingernails the other similar businesses have closed , you asked how much she is losing REMEMBER THAT IS ONLY DUE TO COVID RESTRICTIONS the shop has been a cornerstone of the community for almost 30 years please give her a helping hand she borrowed EiDL but it needs to be repaid and she helped us all with it… I’m hopeful you will recognize that she is the exact person that deserves help now…please if you look into it you will see she deserves to finish out her career and not be another statistic in this tragedy. All I’m asking is you guys to look she does not need much we would just like to get square we can work for the rest, thank you for your time in this matter.