Wendy's Absolutely BODIED The Rays For #NationalRoastDay

Wendy's is out for blood, aren't they? A pretty savage back and forth here between the restaurant and the little brothers of the poor down there in Tampa. Even though they're one of the best teams in baseball almost every year, no one gets ragdolled and picked on more than the Rays. Wendy's saw a chance to take a shot, and by golly they took it. Apparently it's #NationalRoastDay and Wendy's was taking on all callers. Anyone who wanted that smoke could get it. Naturally the Rays decided to mix it up and a bit and throw a tweet towards Wendy's They got what they asked for though. 

"Go ahead, Wendy. Absolutely Roast Us. Keep it spicy like your nudges." Send tweet. Bet they wish they didn't do that.

Wendy's fired back with the ultimate trump card saying "We're surprised you didn't pull your social media manager in middle of writing that great tweet #NationalRoastDay".

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WENDY YOU DOG!!!!!  If you've been living under a rock this is referencing the Rays taking out Blake Snell in Game 6 of the World Series when Snell was CRUISING along. They really went right for the jugular, I mean you can't say anything back if you're the Rays, you just can't. There is a social media person sitting there right now wondering where it all went wrong. Wondering why they had to respond to a fast food restaurant, because they just got put on a poster. Tough one to come back from if you're the Rays, kind of just have to keep your head down and head on out to Spring Training next week. A for effort from them though, Wendy's was just a bit more savage. Come at the king, you best not miss.

Blake even chimed in with his thoughts.