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Report: The Situation Between Russell Wilson and the Seahawks is 'Unsustainable'

Well that declined quickly. 

When did we first start hearing there was any real tension between Russell Wilson and the Seahawks? It was just three days ago that Jason LaCanfora floated the idea that Wilson was sick of getting his brains bashed courtesy of Seattle's non-existent protection:

And two days ago that Reags wrote about the trade rumors:

And already it's going full "Marriage Story," with words like "co-exist" and "unsustainable" and everything but Laura Dern and Alan Alda working out an arrangement where they take turns taking Pete Carroll Trick-or-Treating. 

And if you think this is just one report and there's probably nothing there, you better think again. 

Source - Wilson apparently has not yet asked for a trade, but it could be moving in that direction. Former teammate Brandon Marshall has said that Wilson wants out, but that he’s trying to find a “classy way” to do it. While classiness is in the eye of those who will, or won’t, be alienated by Wilson’s power play, Wilson seems to be building a case for asking to be moved.

And while I am loathe to ever agree with anything Nick Wright says (and I'll be sore for days after this), he has a valid point when he says that the only teams that have made it to Super Bowls over the course of Wilson's career are the ones that have made bold, aggressive personnel moves and "the damned Patriots."

Though we can't have a grown up discussion about the topic without noting that the pretty reliable bean counters at Over the Cap say Wilson will be a heavy load to move:

Fine. Duly noted. But "pretty hard" is not impossible. Not when the player holding the no trade clause is frustrated and highly motivated to go elsewhere. And unless virtually everyone is wrong, that sure sounds like Wilson. 

In a Big Picture, Google Earth view of the situation, it's becoming increasingly clear that we are in the early years of the NBAification of pro football. Where the biggest stars, particularly the quarterbacks, have the juice to leverage their franchises into moving them. That they don't have to play out the string waiting for free agency, but instead can force trades, regardless of how many years are left on their deals if they're not happy. Tom Brady did it, demanding he get a No Franchise Tag clause in his last contract and bouncing out of Foxboro at the first opportunity. Deshaun Watson is in the process of noping out of Houston. Aaron Rodgers danced around the idea a little, though that talk cooled off some. And now quite likely, Wilson. 

And I don't think it's a stretch to say that if Wilson succeeds, this would be the biggest move of them all. I know that sounds stupid given that Brady just won a Super Bowl, but bear with me. Since about his second year in the league I've been saying that if I ever couldn't have Brady (the reality I continue to struggle with), I would gladly take Wilson as a Plan B. And nothing has dissuaded me from that. He's made seven Pro Bowls in nine years. He's failed to reach double digit wins exactly once (9-7) in 2017. Despite the almost 400 sacks, he's never missed a start in his career. And when he wasn't flat on his back under a 900 pound pile of pass rushers this year, he threw 40 TDs to 13 INTs and had the seventh highest passer rating in the league with 105.1. So Russell Wilson can drink from my canteen anytime. 

Here's hoping this is true. Nothing against Seattle, but if you can't keep this guy happy, with all the pieces he's had around him and his record of success because you can't assemble, coach and maintain a decent enough pass protection scheme, you don't deserve him. And good luck keeping a replacement happy - or in one piece - if you can't satisfy one of the best leaders and most respected guys in the game. Winner of a Super Bowl and a Walter Peyton MOTY Award. And with plenty of prime years left ahead of him at just 32 years old. 

Start putting draft picks together New England. And for the love of God, somebody cue up the Belichick Walking GIF.