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Some Poor Bird Got Absolutely Sniped Mid-Flight By A Foul Ball During A Baseball Game

Same, kid. Same.

Despite having a great affinity for birds and bird watching, I always had very little sympathy for the bird that Randy Johnson killed.

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Back in the day, everyone knew when the Big Unit was on the bump in their town. It was in the paper, on the local news, and probably advertised outside the stadium for all the birds to see. Especially during Spring Training. That's the kind of #RE51PECT that comes along when a giant man rattles off a streak of four Cy Youngs in a row. That bird clearly knew a fireballer was dealing so he went in for some sort of kamikaze mission by invading The Unit's no fly space during a game day and succeeded thanks to Randy's 3 figure heater. 

Sidenote: The catcher's reaction is my favorite part of all this because it must've looked like the baseball turned into a bunch of falling feathers like Thanos used the reality stone on its ass.

However, I do feel for the bird in this video whenever it was shot. He just wanted to watch a game from the best seats possible like we all do. That usually results in us Poors having to sneak down to the good seats that people like Portnoy sits in. Well that bird decided to try and get an eagle eye view of a baseball game at Cooperstown by flying like a Wright brother, which is about as American as it gets. Whom amongst us would not unwrap the gift of flight if God had given it to us and used it to watch the old ballgame? Save me with the "He should've been alert for foul balls" spiel too. We've all been in a situation where we were directly in the line of a screaming foul ball and didn't realize it until our life flashed before our eyes after simply hearing the crack of the bat. The odds of that ball hitting that bird are 14,000,605 to 1. Just absolute shit luck for our fine feathered friend, may he rest in peace. Hit the music!

We will now end this melancholy blog with a couple of dead baseball bird fun facts

Dead Baseball Bird Fun Fact 1: 

Live look at #BirdTwiter:

Dead Baseball Bird Fun Fact 2: 

That's my catcher!