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Medal of Honor Recipient Kyle Carpenter Shares A Personal Video Detailing A Day In The Life Of A Marine

This is the perfect encapsulation of what being a Marine is like. It’s days filled with menial tasks, fuck fuck games, and general grab assing. Kyle sums it up pretty damn well too.

When you get out of the military, you don’t typically miss your job. I was a dog handler for my job and even I don’t miss that. I mean, that’s probably because I work at Barstool so I have it pretty good but the point remains. You don’t miss the job, the running, the formations. You don’t miss throwing on the dress uniforms and going to bars. You don’t miss being at the rifle range. You miss being around the brothers and sisters. You miss the friendships, shared experiences, and commiserating with people who aren’t like you in someways but who are exactly the same as you in others.

If you haven’t wrestled your buddy until he’s unconscious on the floor, are you even friends? I’d suggest no.

Additionally, Kyle Carpenter is one of my favorite people ever. If you haven’t heard his story, you should. He’s one of the best men we have and we are all better for it.