18 Year Old Superstar God Child Prospect Jasson Dominguez Is Already Hitting Baseballs 117 MPH Which Sounds Like It Should Be Illegal

It's a day that ends in y which means Jeff Passan wrote a hype piece about Yankees switch hitting outfield superstar god child prospect Jasson Dominguez. The now 18 year old prospect has already drawn comparisons to bums like Mickey Mantle, Mike Trout, and Bo Jackson. His tools grade off the charts. Baseball grades their players on a 20-80 scale for some weird reason, but Dominguez might force them to create a new system. It's shit we've never seen before. The only problem is that he's never played in a pro game before. Covid really fucked that one up in 2020, but if all things don't go completely off the rails in 2021 we should see him grace the field for the first time this season. Still, I need to see this dude play in one game before I completely take my pants off. 

So what's today's new hype? Oh nothing, this dude nicknamed 'The Martian' is reportedly hitting exit velos of 117 mph...

ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTEEN MILES PER HOUR. At 18 years old! Casual. In case you are unaware, that is not normal. Very few humans on Earth possess the hand-eye coordination and power to detonate on a baseball with that bat speed. As Passan pointed out, only four (4) MLB players did that last season and 11 in 2019. Dominguez is doing this as an 18 year old which is basically impossible. He also has a 70 speed grade along with this power. His skillset should not exist on this planet. If you put this dude on The Avengers, Thanos would have been forced to go back in time with the time stone and kill him at birth.  

I think it's hilarious that we called Passan out for his crazy comparisons with Dominugez last week...LAST WEEK...and just days later he publishes this article. Guy can't help himself. Man is lost in the sauce. He's addicted to the hype game. Jeff goes to bed every night dreaming about Jasson Dominguez and his capabilities.

Can you blame him?

See you in 2023, Martian