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I'll Stop Writing About Taylor Swift When She Stops Being Incredible

It's here. We've reached the summit. Taylor Swift is finally re-releasing all of her old albums, and they are now hers 100%. Starting with Love Story as a single, and then the rest of the Fearless album. Oh, you thought that would be it? NOPE. She's also adding SIX more songs to Fearless. Songs that "didn't quite make the cut" the first time. Imagine you are so talented that you just record DOZENS of songs, and not all of them "make the cut" ??? Also, how interesting must it have been to relive that time of your life, with an adult lens. Pouring over lyrics you once wrote, transporting yourself back to that frame of mind. I know if I could go back to my 15-18 year old self, I'm not sure I would like it, but I know I would laugh my own ass out of the building. Fearless was the beginning of BIG TIME "Sad Girl Taylor," and no joke, changed a lot of lives. My headline says it all. I'm a huge Taylor stan, so I write about her a lot, but I'll stop writing about her when she stops being fucking amazing. 

We think the whole album is coming out April 9th, based on how Taylor capitalized letters in this announcement. No, I'm not kidding. And I'm not wrong either. Girl is one big puzzle.