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We Need 80,000 Signatures To Help Get Wallo Off Probation Once And For All


At age 17, Wallace "Wallo 267" Peeples was sentenced to a 20 year prison sentence for armed robbery, which he served at the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. While he has turned his life around, not just for him, but to save the lives of others, he is still on probation until October 29, 2048!

Wallo is 41 and will be 68 years old when his probation ends. 

He is the ultimate role model for youth and a community resource, but he is living his life, everyday, with the fear that at any time he can be sent back to prison because he is still on probation.

Despite having served his sentence and proving to society that he is full rehabilitated and an exemplary citizen. He is still on probation for 27 more years. For 27 more years his life is limited.

I signed. I encourage all my coworkers to sign. I encourage you reading this right now to sign. I'm not gonna stand on a soap box and get into the prison industrial complex or none of that. Just to add a few words about Wallo and the very idea that rehabilitation is real. 

I didn't know 17-year old Wallace Peeples. I'll never know that person, it's a physical impossibility. I have met 41-year old Wallo 267 multiple times, I have consumed his content on a daily basis since Rone introduced him into our world. I cannot picture that person letting a shroud of negativity enter his mind. To me, he is the exact type of person we, as a society, hope to gain after a rehabilitation stint. Take a pause, take a step back, really examine what it is you want to accomplish with this life, what kind of mark you want to leave on the world, and then put it into action once you're out. He's done that and more. 

A lot of us say we're going to change. It's easy to say you're going to do anything. Elon Musk keeps saying he's building tunnels and flying us all to Mars. Not a single tunnel or Mars colony yet. It's admirable when someone makes that change, when someone says they're going to do something and keeps their word. From where I'm sitting, that's Wallo. And the man he's become shouldn't have to keep paying for the mistakes of the kid he once was. He's done his time, he's put in the work, he should be ALL the way free.