BREAKING: We've Got A Live Look At The Carson Wentz Trade Situation

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Yup. The Philadelphia Eagles had a dumpster for a home before this off season even began, which obviously wasn't ideal. Now? Well, you can take a guess since it's been lit on fire and thrown onto 95 during rush hour. Rone and myself go in on it in this travesty of a Eagles situation as well as the Sixers, Flyers, Phillies, and a little bit of nostalgia with "Ahhh, I Remember That Fuckin' Guy!". The newest hot segment to hit the streets where we try to bring up someone who you haven't even thought to have thought of in years or even generations but when you do, ahhhh I remember that fuckin' guy! Here's looking at you, Antonio Alfonseca. 

All that and more on this week's totally not approved Barstool Philly podcast, First Time, Long Time. 

We'll hang up and listen.