Now That The Drake Curse Is Dead, Are We About To Get A Playboy Model Curse?

Meet Tahlia Paris. Tahlia is a Playboy model and might be the new curse. You see the Drake Curse died when the Raptors won the NBA title. You can't claim to be an ambassador to the team, while cheering for every team in the world, have them win a championship and still be a curse. It's dead. There is no more Drake curse. But we might be having a Playboy Model curse on our hands thanks to Tahlia. As you can see she's shaking her ass in a Mahomes jersey. What happened right after that? 

Arguably the worst game of his career. Chiefs couldn't even score a touchdown. Well checking back in on Tahlia and she's moved on to the NBA: 

Hmm reigning champs who look dominant in the regular season following? Sounds familiar! I know the Lakers are on a winning streak, but now we're dealing with an Anthony Davis injury. 

Would be a real shame if the Playboy Model Curse came true and the Lakers didn't win this year. A REAL shame. Listen, I know thanks to Coach Gaines we don't believe in curses. 

But we're dealing with a Playboy model here. This ain't a regular old curse. Anywho, this is more of Tahlia: 

Hmm, the last caption says curse. Something to keep an eye on.