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It's Not Every Day You Tell Coworkers About Your College Nose-Beers Problem, Painful Divorce & Wanting To Die A Lil'

Earlier this week I sat down with KFC for a 'Behind The Blog', and though I've alluded to some things before it was the first time I've really opened up & gone into detail about my story from the bad to the reaaaaaaal ugly to the extremely joyful. That's what happens when you're with a top notch interviewer; the guy totally disarmed me & next thing you know I'm casually chatting about the time I had a loose plan to hop over the ol' GW Bridge railing. :: collar pull :: 

It also felt great to reminisce on fun stories from my rugby days, describe my proudest & funniest moments, explain some unique aspects of my deployments to Afghanistan, and brag on my incoming baby a bit. Watching it last night on the YouTube livestream to converse with Stoolies made it even better & was a great reminder of the people who make working here so wonderful. (I'm a big cornball of good vibes right now, I can't help it.)

If you've got big plans to sit on the toilet for a while to avoid loved ones or are looking for something to zone out to at work, let this be the video to occupy your time. 

And if you're looking for another, the one with my baby's dad (still looking for a classy way to say that) is an interesting watch, too.