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Omar Infante And Alcides Escobar Had One Of The Coolest Plays You'll See All Year But Maybe Not Because The MLB Sucks

Omar Infante And Alcides Escobar Just Made A Ridiculous Play






This is a 2 part blog. Part 1, the play. That was fucking awesome. To have the range to get the ball over the middle, realize you aren’t going to be able to turn and throw, flip the ball to your teammate’s bare hand, have that guy grab it, spin, and make the throw, all while happening in the bottom of the 9th in a 1 run game. So many things have to go right to make that play perfect, unbelievable.



Part 2 is the part where I bitch about the MLB. Fuck Major League Baseball and their inability to understand the internet. A play of this quality happens in the NFL, NBA, or NHL and there are a trillion vines all over twitter, replaying it for the whole world to see. But the MLB? No no no, they police that shit like the Gestapo. Kris Bryant’s walk off home run from the other night? That vine was pulled almost immediately. Because why the hell would you want the world and younger generation to see an exciting new player make a great play right? I’m not saying put everything on youtube, but pulling GIFS (yes they do this) and Vines from twitter is so backwards. Fucking baseball, it’s almost like they intentionally don’t want new fans and a younger audience. So stupid.