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Super Douche Tries To Show Off His Porche, Almost Runs People Over And Crashes Instead




Fuuuuuuuuuuck  him.  I was hoping he was dead after that minor car crash.  I really was.  Nope, just smiling his face off and drinking a beer like nothing happened.  I think I hate that guy more than I’ve ever hated another human being.  Part of that might be jealously because he has an awesome car and a hot girl and I’m 0 for 2 in those areas but still.  What the hell was he doing? This is what happens when douche bags somehow get money.  Whether it be from their Dad or they stumbled into somehow.  They crash super nice cars and don’t even realize what just happened.  I honestly think he forgot two seconds after he crashed the car that he had crashed the car.  That’s the only reason he was smiling and having a good time.  Any normal person would be like, “Well fuck.  That ruined my day.  I really liked that car.  I might not smile for a week.”  Not that guy.  That douche nozzle has such a short term memory that he just wants to know where the closest night club is, his super expensive Porsche be damned.  Fuck that guy.