Check Out UFC Champ Kamaru Usman Rocking The Stool & Stars On UFC Embedded

We've got what looks to be a fantastic UFC PPV coming up this weekend, where UFC Welterweight Champion Kamaru Usman will defend his title against one of his teammates, Gilbert Burns, in the highly anticipated main event - and if you wanna know who I'm rooting for, look no further than today's episode of Embedded....

Kamaru Usman has been to both HQ2 and HQ3 for interviews on Barstool Breakfast and My Mom's Basement, he's always been super cool with us, and he's been rockin that hat since the first day we gave it to him....

Maybe it's a good luck charm by now? Fight Week hat? I gotta ask him at some point!

As far as my thoughts on the fight, I do actually believe Usman is going to show he has what it takes to defeat the shiny new contender in Gilbert Burns, bias aside. I'm no fight expert (quite the opposite, really), but I just see Kamaru being too strong and dominating the clinch/grappling against the cage (with those vicious flurries mixed in) like he's become known to do. He'll probably spam a buncha foot stomps too - we saw this against Masvidal.

It's always interesting to me when teammates (who have sparred thousands of rounds against one another) fight, tho - you'd think they both know each other's weaknesses/strengths better than anyone at this point. It's like a long-standing pro wrestling rivalry where callbacks to previous matches and finisher reversals start getting worked in - except the whole competitive "rivalry" at this point has taken place behind closed doors, so we have no clue how it'll play out! What if Burns has his number and the only people who know it are those two, ya know?!

Going to be an AMAZING fight. I'm very excited for this PPV. 

I've got an interview with co-main event competitor Ian Heinisch (who has one of the craziest life-stories I've ever heard from a fighter) coming out later this week as well, which was great, so look out for that on Thursday night/Friday morning.

h/t @lee_holbert