An Ode To The Greatest Video Game Of All-Time On The Anniversary Of Its Release Date - Mario Kart 64

February 10 is one of the most important date, nay, the most important date of our lives. If you're around the same age as me - mid-30s, then you know about the importance of Mario Kart for Nintendo 64. Hell I could write an ode just to Nintendo 64, still my favorite system of all time. It had it all from every type of game, historic games, different color controllers, the Rumble Pak. It's legendary. But this is about the greatest game of all time.

Mario Kart 64. 

I have a couple dates that I will always write a blog - this and Bill Raftery's 'send it in Jerome' day. Last year I power ranked the tracks: 

Now sit back and think of the good times of blowing into the cartridge, arguing over what controller was yours and playing Mario Kart for hours. Or if you're lucky you can still play because your friends are manchildren like you are: 

And by far the best controller was the purple see-thru one. Always rocked that. 

The players: As for Mario Kart the first debate is what player did you use. I don't know anyone who used Mario, that's how my generation grew up. It was typically a fight for Yoshi, who was my go-to with Toad as a close second. Some of the guys were always determined to use the big boys - DK and Wario. Those are your wild card friends, the guys who immediately go to bourbon at the bar when you're sharing a bucket of beer. Then there's the guy who used Peach.  My power rankings of the 8 characters: 

1. Yoshi

2. Toad

3. DK

4. Peach

5. Bowser

6. Wario

7. Luigi

8. Mario

The game: I was pretty much a strict racing guy. You had the option to go Battle Roayle and that was a nice little twist. But this is about the racing game. You can argue that there's a game that doesn't hold up as well as Mario Kart. Like I said people still play it today. Do we care about the graphics? Fuck no. It's about nostalgia. Then came the decision of what courses to play

Mushroom Cup: Luigi Raceway, Moo Moo Farm, Koopa Troopa Beach, Kalamari Desert 

Flower Cup: Toad's Turnpike, Frappe Snowland, Choco Mountain, Mario Raceway

Star Cup: Warior Stadium, Sherbert Land, Royal Raceway, Bowser's Castle

Special Cup: DK's Jungle Parkway, Yoshi Valley, Banshee Boardwalk, Rainbow Road

I typically defaulted to Mushroom Cup or Star Cup. Just straight up racing which was what I liked, then the Star Cup had some of the short cuts that led to arguments. Nothing better than a heated argument about whether or not you can use a shortcut. Give me those tracks over any of the others. 

2021: You can still play regular now but we're also adults now. That's where Drunk Mario Kart is so value. A top drinking game out there when you're just sitting around looking to compete and drink. Basic rules, still get the arguments and the blood flowing. Any time people want to compete in that, you can sense giddiness in the air. 

I wasn't a Goldeneye guy. Don't get me wrong, I understand the importance of the game, I just sucked at it. If I suck at something, I focus on games I'm good at. Super Mario is up there too. For me the best video games will always be Mario Kart 64, Tecmo Bowl, Punch Out, American Gladiators, NBA Jam and the Madden franchise. I feel for people younger than us that don't know these games and never got to play them in their prime.

Conclusion: Long live Mario Kart 64, the greatest video game of all time.