The Knicks Season Is About To Get A Whole Lot Better After Governor Cuomo Said Fans Will Be Allowed To Attend Games Inside New York Arenas In Two Weeks

First of all, thank you to the good people of #BillsMafia for responsibly attending their playoff games and making this all possible. You guys are the best and I hope you have a Super Bowl parade in Buffalo sooner rather than later.

The Knicks may not be the best team in the NBA or even technically one of the best 8 teams in the East currently. But that's the corona Knicks. A Knicks team with a home but without a family. Once Madison Square Garden has fans in it again chanting DE-FENSE, that's when this team is really going to take off. I get that there will only be 2000 fans allowed in once The Garden gets the green light. But if this is how MSG sounded during a meaningless game during yet another dogshit season:

How do you think it's going to sound for a decent team that actually plays defense, has a coach that we like who knows what the fuck he is doing, and the most exciting Knicks point guard since Linsanity happened 9 years ago (Sidenote: Fuuuuuck I'm old)? 2000 people that were cooped up inside for a year after their city was the epicenter of a global pandemic are going to sound like 20,000 people in the middle of the playoffs, which means we are going to get sounds like this during every home game.

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Thoughts and prayers to Elfrid Payton who may want to think about waiving that no trade clause now because Knicks fans will be chanting for Immanuel Quickley as soon as they grab their seats and boo him with the fire of 1000 suns after every turnover.