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Women On TikTok Need To Be Stopped: Dudes Were Spaghetti Shamed And Fart Shamed In A Matter Of Mere Hours

As a spaghetti eater myself, I find this beyond the pale. The very idea that you can record a new lover while they brave a plate of spaghetti is exactly what's wrong with American dating right now. This dude is out for a lovely meal with a person whom he should believe is equally as lovely. He's ordering wine, a little antipasti, and an entre. He's slurping it up like one of the skinny dudes in a cuck porn. Not that I've watched. I've just heard about it. They get ready to leave and he offers to pay or split the bill. It's 2021. Don't assume she wants you to pay. 

I have no problem with people shaming their ex if their ex does something dastardly. If he cheats or is mean, noodle shame. Noodle shame all you want but on a first date? You wanna be the type of person to blast this dude's poor manners all over the internet on the first fucking date though? 

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This is why people cant have lasting relationships. This is why people have trust issues. But, there is a little blame to go around. A couple of points of order:

1. People have poor table manners. This guy isn't without blame. He needs to clean it up. You can't just grab a fork and act like you're that adorable monkey (ape) that Jane Goodall formed a bond with. Yes. That's right. I'm talkin Dr. Goodall’s favorite chimpanzee, David Greybeard, the very first monkey to have trusted Jane. David Greybeard, easily recognizable by his silver facial hair, was also the first chimp Jane saw using tools and the first she observed eating meat which might be how this lady felt watch her young boo eat noodles. Send noods, waiter? Nope. Send em back because this fella is eating like a chump chimp. 

2. Even if the fella is trying to do the right thing, it's not enough. Example number 2 coming. 

In this example, the fella did so well during the date that he got to get a little treatment for his penis. Like a gentleman, he holds in his wind. After leaving, he lets out the gasses that were surely causing a stomach cramp. What does he get home to? His notifications going bananas because he was caught on a ring cam ripping a roar from his rear. Just a betrayal the likes of which have never been seen. 

In 2021, it's damned if you do and damned if you dont. No two videos prove that more than these two. I'm sick about it and the rest of civilization should be sick about it too. If they aren't, what's the point in being civilized? I'd contend that there is no reason to eat with another or to hold in your farts. Is that the world we wanna live in? No. Simple as that.