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Orioles Drop Game 3 To KC, Do Or Die Tomorrow

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Good news is the O’s finally had a lead in the series, bad news is it didn’t last long. The Royals won and now have a commanding 3-0 series lead. The O’s got the scoring started in the 2nd when Steve Pearce and J.J. Hardy had back-to-back doubles. In Baltimore the offense was there but the pitching wasn’t, now the pitching was a little better, but the offense sucked. The Royals are not a better team, I truly believe that, but right now they’re the hotter team. Every bloop, bounce, and ball goes their way. We all see it, it’s not an excuse, it’s truly just remarkable.


Struggle City

Adam Jones is trying too hard and swinging at everything, and he seems lost at the plate. That last plate appearance? Awful. Schoop too, just swinging away and seems content with just making contact. Markakis can’t get on. I have zero idea why Nick Hundley started tonight, at least Caleb Joseph had some hits last game. O’s fans thought the momentum was starting to swing our way when the O’s had some bloop hits fall early in this game, only to be outdone by Kansas City and their bloops a few innings later. Balls are just finding dead zones, frustrating as fuck to watch, nothing they can do about it. Mike Moustakas, after being a below average fielder had several great plays, snagging a Steve Pearce rocket, and falling over the railing to make a decent catch. The O’s just couldn’t hit Jeremy Guthrie. You heard that right, the team that smacked 4 straight Cy Young award winning pitchers going back to the regular season, but couldn’t hit Guthrie. Very frustrating to watch. They got the pitch count up, but couldn’t produce, that was the big thing in the game.

O’s Bright Spots

Very few coming out of this game. Wei-Yin Chen could have been worse I guess. Still a start under 6 innings for the O’s- 5.1 IP with 2 ER and 7 hits. Kevin Gausman is a god damn stud. 2.2 innings of no hit ball, but he did give up the sac fly to give the Royals the lead. Even with that being said, it could have been worse. Only two bright spots in this game.

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Same here Buck

Orioles have to come out tomorrow with their best. Do or die tomorrow. Everyone remembers the Red Sox coming back to beat the Evil Empire in 7, why can’t the O’s do it? That 30 for 30 is going to be sweet. #Osin7.