Spring Training Doesn’t Start Until Next Week And Trey Mancini Is Already Down In Florida Hitting Bombs

File this under "stuff you love to see". Trey Mancini is already set up in Sarasota where the Orioles have their Spring Training site a full week before pitchers and catchers are even supposed to report. Does that tell you how much he's missed the game? This is a guy who at this point last year was coming off his best season as a pro and was looking to help lead this club as they continue to rebuild. Then the stage 3 colon cancer diagnosis came, and the same day he had the tumor removed via surgery is when Spring Training was shut down. If there is one guy who's been itching to get back out there, it's Trey. He didn't have to be down at the site until February 21st but I'm sure he was dying to get in the cage and on the field.

He told Joe Trezza from MLB.com that he feels great and apparently he's already hitting balls outta the park down in Sarasota, who cares that the wind was blowing out to left. This is a guy who is about 11 months removed from the last time he saw live MLB pitching, now he's down there almost 2 weeks before the rest of the guys, I love that. That is just a guy who missed the game and is insanely lucky and happy to be back. Something tells me he'd be doing this even if he didn't have cancer last year, that is just the kind of player he is. Leading by example when after he was dealt an unreal bad hand last year. If there is anyone you should be rooting for that isn't on your team, it's this guy.

He was told he was cancer free back in November and says he feels great, he's good to go and ready to lead this club into the 2021 season. I'm so happy for this guy and legit can't wait to see him back on the field mashing homers for the Birds. Give me a team of 25 Trey's and I'd be jacked up. Comeback player of the year in the sights for Trey for sure.