Randy Johnson Would Keep A Bag Of Balls Next To His Bed In Case Someone Broke Into His House

Now this is an all time move that I love. Randy Johnson, one of, if not the most intimidating players of all time once said that he didn't have any guns, but he would keep a bag of balls near his bed. You know, just incase some idiot decided to break into the Hall Of Famers house. He didn't keep a gun, or a bat, or a golf club, or a sock full of batteries, just a bag of balls right there within arms reach. Honestly, he's probably more deadly with a baseball than he is any other type of weapon.

I just imagine Johnson hearing something creaking in the middle of the night, he rolls over, reaches into a bag, pulls out a ball, door opens and he WHIPS a four seamer at some intruder. Right in the head and that dude is OUT. The guy is famous for killing a bird with a pitch, you'd have to be an absolute idiot to try and break into Randy's house. Even if the intruder has a weapon, they're no match for Randy and his fastball. Opening a door and realizing that Randy Johnson and his 100+ MPH fastball were like 10 feet away must be an awful feeling, but if you break into someones house you kind of deserve it. 

Johnson is 100% up there on the Mount Rushmore of baseball players houses that I would NOT want to break into. Give me Albert Belle, Carl Everett, and Carlos Zombrano to round out the foursome. Hell of a defense mechanism from the big lefty. Not every player could do this too. Like is Chuck Knoblauch tried this it wouldn't work. No one is getting hurt if Ubaldo Jimenez tries this, only a select few players is who this move is for. 

And just because.... here's the bird.

RIP that dove.