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Abella Danger On Her First Love, Being Bi In The Industry & The Best Hydration For Squirting

Abella Danger has 1.5M followers on Twitter, 7.4M on Instagram, Barstool's first 1M-hit video on Answer the Internet (it's now at 6.8M), she tops the porn charts not only as a performer but also directs, has three separate awards for having the best butt around (NSFW) and much more, so I was taken aback by how grounded, sunny & open she was with Pat & I. 

Yes, we asked some of the usual questions she must get all the time (how did you get into porn, what does your family think, etc.) but we also dove into her bi-sexuality and what that's meant in both her personal life & on sets. Getting bullied at school for being openly out (jokes on you now, bullies), her first love who came back into her life years down the line, what it meant to have the support & backing of loved ones in being open with who she is & what she does... It was all really interesting. 

If you're looking for a listen today I highly recommend, you just might learn something! For example - Danger informed us that squirting requires serious liquid fuel. Not that it matters for me or anything. Just saying. Interesting stuff.