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Dude Goes From 0 To Batshit When He Sees A Man Walking His Dog On The Hot Concrete

Is this dog walker right for essentially making his pooch walk barefoot on fiery coals? Absolutely not. Is the driver of the car a mega douche for going bananas on a complete stranger like that? Absolutely. I mean, there’s more than one way to go about a situation. Take, for example, how the fine young gentleman handled the wench in NE Philly who sharted right in the middle of the street. He could have chastised and berated her to the high heavens for shitting outside a Wawa. But nope, he decided to be a gentleman and buy her toilet paper (before ridiculing to hell and back by putting her on the Internet). We’re living in society. And this driver is a few pussy calls away from getting the last gun in the bullet to the face.