Bubba Watson Knocks A Drone Outta The Air, Continues To Be Golf's Biggest Asshole



Now I know what you’re thinking.  Hey Bubba came off as somewhat likable there.  No, no he didn’t.  Don’t you dare fall into that trap.  We’re too far down the Bubba Hate Rabbit Hole to let some little video change our minds about him.  A couple reasons why that video is still proof that Bubba sucks.  One, drones.  People love drones because drones are awesome.  They can fly, they can take pictures, they can cut off fingers, they can fire a gun.  They can do everything.  Bubba’s first thought when a drone gets brought up?  “I know.  Let’s see if I can hit one out of the air and kill it.”  Idiot.  PR disaster.  Second, his answer to the burrito/grilled cheese question.  Nobody likes a fence sitter, Bubba.  Pick one.  That was classic Bubba.  Not sure what to pick because he doesn’t know who he is.  I agree that both foods are great but him not picking is a microcosm of his whole life.  That’s why he’s a Bubba from the south who doesn’t drink and painted over the Confederate flag. Zero identity. My answer is grilled cheese by the way.  Swallow your pride, order it at the bar next time and have it be the best decision you ever made.  I’m willing to concede that Bubba Watson is a little better at golf than I am but that’s it.  Nothing more.