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Dad Of The Decade Spent The Last Six Years Building A 600-Foot Bobsled Track In His Backyard So His Kids Would Have Something To Do In The Winter

[Yahoo] - The track is the handiwork of Aivis Berzins from Rujiena in Latvia. Aivis says he started the project six years ago to keep his kids entertained in the winter months.

Riders on the track can reach speeds of up to 19mph, with each ride lasting around one minute.

Now THAT is how you dad over in Latvia. I might have to wrangle Clem up and go visit Latvia again to see this. All I can think about is Cool Runnings and how Sanka would handle the turns here. 588-feet is no joke and it makes complete sense that it took six years for this. Really, this is just a dad hack though. Six years of work for YEARS of payoff. You know why the dad built this? There are two reasons: 

1. He wanted his own bobsled track and this is how he tricked his wife into it

2. He's looking for a way to get his kids out of his hair in the winter so he can watch some Latvian hockey or basketball in peace and quiet

Both are great reasons. I say this as a dad who strives for peace and quiet on Saturday's when watching college basketball. It doesn't matter if the kid is 1 like my son or 4 and 7 like the kids here in Latvia. They don't want, they need constant attention. They want you to play with them and they get bored in 5 minutes of one toy and go to another. It's constant movement and sometimes dad just wants to sit on his ass with some bourbon and the game on. 

On the other hand, what person, grown adult or kid, wouldn't want to ride this bobsled track? Sledding? That's old news and you gotta walk back up the hill and all that shit. This? This you just ride this bobsled and hop on and off. That's a HUGE win for all involved. You can't tell me that thing doesn't look awesome either. That's a dope bobsled ride. Plus all that for $60? Unreal. 

Now if you don't mind me, I have Cool Runnings on my mind.