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Hate To Admit It But I Loved This Guy's Fake Game Of Catch Prank

Is this dumb? Sure is. Is it a late-July I don’t feel like talking about DeflateGate type of video when the internet is dead as fuck? You bet. But I loved it. I loved it for 2 reasons. One because it feels like every “prank” video these days is just some foreign asshole on Venice Beach slap chicks in the ass or pulling a fake gun on black people and then saying “Dude it’s a prank, it’s a prank”. No creativity left in the prank world. It’s simply, “let me see how close I can come to getting my ass kicked on camera”. Second, if you don’t know this feeling then you never played a sport. Just the worst. Back turned to the action, everyone telling you to duck and you knowing your only shot is to flinch and hope you don’t get domed in the back of the head. Every single person out there can relate. It’s terrifying and there is nothing you can do but scramble. I guess you can also not be wearing a XXXXL purple shirt as well.