Ho Hum, The Foo Fighters Did It Again!!! Their New Album "Medicine At Midnight" Is A Straight Up Masterpiece

In the midst of the pandemonium that was me getting booted off Surviving Barstool the first night and then not even coming close to taking home the Super Bowl live bet challenge on Sunday, thus losing out on a really good chance at winning around.... $70,000.... the Foo Fighters dropped their new album "Medicine At Midnight" 

Needless to say it is a BANGER. I feel at this point that the Foos are incapable of not meeting expectations with the music they put out. It's consistently awesome, awesome rock and roll and Medicine at Midnight did not disappoint either. My ornery ass even tried to find something I didn't like about it and well.... I can't. I really can't. It's vintage Foos and it hasn't really left my headphones since they dropped it. 

Here's the Spotify link:

Domination. Dave, Chris, Taylor, Rami, Nate and Pat did it again!!!!! I had the pleasure of interviewing lead guitarist Chris Shiffllet a few weeks back with Colin from Foxtrot And The Get DownI. This was prior to the album's release and he gave a really interesting backstory on how the album came to be. It was supposed to drop last year around this time, but COVID made them have to put a pause on it:

It was an awesome interview and I was nervous as FUCK, and I don't get nervous for interviews anymore, but to interview a Foo Fighter 2 weeks prior to an album release was truly an honor from me. 

Needless to say, you'll be able to hear the new Foos album all over KROQ, and we followed up our interview with Chris Shifflett with an interview of Ted Stryker. He's only the biggest rock DJ in the entire world. He also turned down a spot to host American Idol before they ultimately "settled" on Cowell, Jackson and Abdul as hosts. The dude is a monster in the music industry and our interview with him is now live as well:

There is a lot of awesome shit going down in the music industry right now and we plan on being on top of every last bit of it on "On The Guest List" so go listen to us on iTunes, Spotify and anywhere else you can find your podcasts. Really laid back and we have a lot of great guests lined up, including Smash Mouth, Shane Hall, Pepper and Eric Lindell, but we also want to help promote lesser known musicians as well. Musicians such as Othneil Chambers:

This guy isn't on Spotify or iTunes. He's a firefighter in Philly that fucks around on the guitar and sings in his free time. Give him one (1) listen and you'll ask yourself "how in the fuck does this guy have only TWENTY listens on his Soundcloud?" 

He's fantastic. FANTASTIC. Check him out and if you or someone you know are in a similar spot and want some pub to get a potential career launched, that's what we're here for at On The Guest List. Just email or DM us your music and we'll take a listen.

Let's go!!