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Do We Believe Carson Wentz Is On Good Terms With The Eagles Owner And Head Coach But Has Straight Up GHOSTED GM Howie Roseman?

Shocker. I guess picking the comically wrong WR's in back to back drafts and then selecting your replacement in the second round will make any QB mad.

Joking, people! I think. But seriously, this can't be real, right? This is a professional NFL organization worth north of $3.4 BILLION. There's NO way 1) An employee who was just given a record $128 million contract ($70 milly guaranteed) to be the face of your company by playing a game for a living could be THAT petty...

- And/Or -

2) The person in charge of essentially running that multi-billion dollar organization can piss off its #1 asset so much, so quickly, that only a year after single handedly investing the entire team/franchise into that player the asset won't even pick up a phone call. 

Think about that. One of these two things (or both) must be true. It's unbelievable to think it could be true from a normal, human perspective because, like the great George Costanza, we live in a society. However, the dysfunction that is the Philadelphia Eagles is not one with reality. After three short years of winning the Super Bowl, it's almost impossible to be in this much of a fucking mess. Like, you almost have to try to ruin a franchise to get things this bad. 

Could Carson Wentz actually be THAT petty to ghost his boss in the middle of this crisis? Well, he is that out of tune with reality to not have said a single freaking thing this offseason. Not one  "Thanks for everything, Doug" or a "Welcome to the team, Nick" or a half assed IG text post of "There's nothing more that I want than for the Philadelphia Eagles to win and I will do whatever it takes to make that possible". NOTHING. He doesn't even need to mean any of it. Instead, silence. Carson's obviously upset, so, yeah, I could see him being that petty. Especially since this little nugget dropped today: 

And then there's the GM for alienating the Golden Boy he traded up to get at #2. The person who had SO much faith in Carson he rewarded the QB with the highest contract in Eagles history...and then promptly took another QB in the 2nd round of the very next draft. Yeah he definitely doesn't have a history of conflicting with people in the front office (RIP Joe Banner), coaches (RIP Chip and Doug) or, you know, getting right into it with your superstars in front of the entire team.  

NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported Sunday on NFL GameDay Morning that Ertz and general manager Howie Roseman got into a heated discussion after practice this week.

"Late after one practice this week, Zach Ertz and Howie Roseman got into it," Rapoport said. "A very heated discussion, I'm told. One that was witnessed by several players. An airing of grievances of sorts, with some of that frustration coming right out into the open."

Nope! Not Howie's fault! Couldn't be! In Jeffrey Lurie's eyes, Howie ain't the problem. He's the solution. Always has been since the 2011 draft/Dream Team and forever will be, even as he heads into his 4th coaching regime in just 7 years (incredible to think about that). Heck, maybe Howie can get a couple of draft picks for Wentz to fire more bullets to FINALLY select more than one pro-bowler in almost a decade. It could happen! Maybe!


Whatever. We're screwed regardless until the dude who lit the house on fire is no longer in charge of putting it out. Or at the very least can people stop giving him credit for extinguishing infernos he started in the first place? Don't really understand that thought process, either, Lurie. You preach ACCOUNTABILITY. Look in the damn mirror for once, man. 

PS - Rone and I discuss this and more on our (not Barstool) Philly podcast - First Time, Long Time - check it out if you please.