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The Craziest Twist To Come From Last Week's Wandavision Was Finding Out There Is A Universe Where Danny Tanner Isn't Played By Bob Saget

Warning: Wandavision episode 5 spoilers ahead

Super Producer BC dropped that nuke on my head when he joined Robbie and I to talk Wandavision on this week's My Mom's Basement. No offense to Pietro (said in a thiccccccc Sokovian accent) and whatever multiverse madness that is about to be unleashed on our souls by Kevin Feige & Co. And make no mistake about it, they are going to make last week's big reveal seem like child's play when all is said and done. #TrustTheFeige 

But finding out that America's Dad was almost some John Posey playing some junkyard version of Danny Tanner fucked up my world more than X-Men Quicksilver showing up on Wanda's doorstep as the brother she never had or weirdo Spider-Man 3 Peter Parker crossing paths with our sweet baby boy Tom Holland's Peter Parker and the extremely forgettable Andrew Garfield's Spidey. 

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I mean look at the difference of Posey playing Danny Tanner vs. Bob Saget.

To be fair, a dad with three daughters who just lost his wife while living in a super expensive city like San Francisco should probably look and act more like a junkyard dog version of Danny Tanner than the cleaned up, wholesome version we all grew to know and love. But seeing the difference between the two is as shocking as hearing Bob Saget talk about doing coke off of chick's asses in Entourage. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, delivered a good life lesson as soft melodic harmonies played in the background better than Bob Saget.  If you want a full breakdown of how exactly everything shook out with Posey and Saget, check out the video below.

I don't think it's a stretch saying that without Saget crushing the role of Danny Tanner, the entire show of Full House falls apart. Without Full House, the Olsen twins don't become television royalty, which likely sets back Elizabeth Olsen's acting career, which means Scarlet Witch is almost definitely a completely different person. In fact after learning a thing or two about time loops over the last few years, you can even make a case that if Bob Saget doesn't become Danny Tanner, there is a chance that Infinity War and Endgame don't happen or at the very least aren't nearly as good because once you take away the Jenga piece that is Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch, you don't know what other pieces may fall.

Speaking of Jenga, the entire Jenga tower in Wandavision is officially starting to sway after the last episode. For a full breakdown of it complete with Brendan Clancy's deep dive into all the theories and predictions that come from it, check out an extra nerdy and fun episode of My Mom's Basement in what will hopefully include Super Producer BC as much as possible.