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Kevin Garnett Is Basically The Anti-Shaq When It Comes To Talking About The Current State Of The NBA

God do I love Kevin Garnett. I can't believe he isn't on TV talking basketball. What a dumb decision it was taking Area 21 off the air. That was a show that actually got players to talk candidly about the sport we all love. How do I get that back in my life? If you're a TV executive reading this blog (lol right???) I'm going to need you to cut a check and bring KG back. Shit, if someone here at this wonderful company is reading (lollllll), let's figure out a way to get KG on our platform talking basketball. The people need it. If you have the time, do yourself a favor and read the whole KG piece in the NY Times but that tweet above is what I want to focus on for this blog.

Compare that quote to what we hear on a daily basis from guys like Shaq and Chuck and around 85% of former players who actually do have a platform to talk about today's NBA. They can't stop shitting all over it. Everyone sucks, nothing they do is impressive, nobody could hang with the players of old, blah blah blah. Outside of Allen Iverson, it's not often you hear former legends talk about the current state of the league and its players like KG did in that quote. This isn't some scrub talking either, this is a first ballot HOFer and NBA champion Kevin Garnett. I feel confident in saying he knows what he's talking about.

Honestly, it's absolutely refreshing to read/hear. Couldn't agree more with Sam. Instead you hear about how today's brand of basketball has ruined the game. What I love is KG doesn't just flat out say today's game is better, he explains why. He details how players of his era would have issues in today's game. All we ever hear about is the other way around. How players today wouldn't be able to survive in the old era. Here we have KG saying not even the guards would be able to play in today's NBA! 

While I think that's maybe taking things a little far, I get what he's saying. I'm just glad KG isn't some sort of salty old veteran who can't appreciate how the game has developed and changed. He appreciates the talent we're see in 2021 which you could argue is one of the most talented eras ever in the league's history. We have guys doing shit that wouldn't even be considered in KG's heyday. I'm glad he went this route and didn't just shit all over today's players.

See Shaq? It's not hard. It doesn't take away from anything you did as a player to actually pay attention and give credit to what current players are doing. YOu don't have to pretend like they all suck and could never be on your level. Don't be so insecure. Be more like Kevin Garnett and bring this level of insight back into the Inside The NBA broadcasts instead of just being a blind hater.

Now, because these are the blogging rules. We end with the highlights. Love me some KG, always and forever