Remembering The Time Byron Leftwich Played An Entire Quarter On A Broken Leg

One of my favorite parts of the Bucs Super Bowl season was Byron Leftwich emerging as an awesome offensive coordinator. I'm not sure why, but I've always had a soft spot for Leftwich. Something about those mid-2000s QBs that didn't make it big make me feel nostalgic. Maybe it's those old school teal Jaguars jerseys?

My favorite Byron Leftwich moment is without a doubt him playing an entire quarter on a broken leg while at Marshall:

I always laugh when I see the linemen pick up Leftwich, nothing like old school #MACtion:

You've heard a lot of crazy Tom Brady stats, but the clip of Leftwich above happened the same year Brady won his first Super Bowl. At this point, it feels like they could fill a 250-page book with crazy facts like that about Brady.

Just a bit more on the Leftwich broken leg game, he went to the hospital, got diagnosed with a broken leg, but then demanded to be driven back to the field. He went onto throw for 200 yards that day. The ultimate football guy move. 

SOURCE-“What happened that night will never happen again,” then-Marshall guard Steve Sciullo said. “The guy went to the hospital, got an X-ray, knew his leg was broken, came back and talked his way into the game.”

Leftwich asked the ambulance driver if he could bring him back to the stadium after the X-rays, and when the driver said he couldn’t, Leftwich declined the ride. Instead, he got into a minivan — still in full uniform, with his helmet on — and left for the tests.

Apparently, he thought that Akron was trying to slow down the ambulance during his trip to the hospital. Classic #MACtion. Look at this quote from former Marshall coach Bob Pruett:

We sent him to the hospital. He came back, and the doctor said, “He can play. It can’t hurt him any more.” I had to double-check with the medical people. (Leftwich) is a tough guy. I mean tough. The thing about him is he’s just a good person. I love him to death.

What a story.